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Each Tournament will have four age divisions as per AAU guidelines (12U, 14U, 16U, 18U)


December 7


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December 20/21



St George, UT

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*An additional 3.25% online processing fee

will be added to all registrations.

Teams needing to cancel will

be issued a refund only if they

notify UBVA at least 14

days before the tournament.

Additional locations will be added

and posted as necessary.

We strive to have pool & bracket schedules available

at least two days before the tournament.

Schedules & formats are subject to change and any updates

will be given at the coach meetings the morning of the tourney.


- Boys ages 18 & under are allowed to play and teams must consist of BOYS ONLY.

- Club & independent teams are welcome to participate.

- All coaches & athlete participants must have current AAU memberships.


- Teams can be formed by skill level OR age group. The ages listed below are

   guidelines for each division.  UBVA reserves the right to assign teams as needed:

      12U = age 12 & under.  7' net and Volleylite ball. New/beginner skill level.

      14U =  age 14 & under.  7'4" net, Flistatec ball. New/beginner skill level.

      16U = age 16 & under.  Men's net, Flistatec ball. Intermediate skill level.

      18U = age 18 & under. Men's net, Flistatec ball.  Advanced skill level.

- Teams may play with a minimum of 4 boys and 2 ghost positions as needed.

- No girls are allowed to play, even as substitutes. 

- Athletes & coaches must respect officals, facilities, property, and others.


- All UBVA club tourneys are AAU sanctioned events.

- Each team will be required to pay $250* per tourney to participate. 


- Teams can attend any or all of the tourneys as they wish and may also move across divisions as needed and as space allows.  UBVA reserves the right to approve all such changes.  Tourneys are independent of each other and are not structured like a league.  Tournaments may also vary in pool & bracket formats.

- Spots are limited.  Teams must register & pay BEFORE they can play.

- Tourneys adhere to USA Volleyball rules with the following modifications:

1. Libero Player will be allowed to serve in one position in the rotation.

2. Ideally, there should be 6 players on the court.  In extraordinary circumstances when a team’s roster is reduced to less than six players, a team may play with a minimum of four players and 2 ghosts.  Points will be lost during rotations when a ghost serves.

- UBVA makes every effort to create and circulate tourney pools & brackets before play begins.  We also strive to post schedules online for easy accessibility.  We will do our best to provide quality tournaments as facilities and circumstances allow.

- Host facilities have the right to charge spectator gate fees and sell concessions and pricing therefore may vary with each facility.

- In order to preserve the dignity of the sport and to encourage good sportsmanship, the tourney Site Director has the right to reprimand or expel any athlete, coach, or spectator violating the basic codes of illegal drug/alcohol use, foul or disrespectful language, abuse of property, or any other disruptive or irresponsible behavior. 

*online registration requires an additional 3% processing fee

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